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January 15, 2022

In 2007 I launched a personal development blog named “Dream, Build, Inspire, Lead” and it was a big success. I received 1000 hits a months. While that is laughable by today’s standards, you got to remember, blogging and social media wasn’t really active around my circles back then. So much of our technology trends stem from the might USA, that it’s easy to forget that other parts of the world move at different speeds. So I call it a success not due to metrics, but because of what it gave me. 

I grew up in a town where there wasn’t much going on for young people, but I learned to create my own opportunities – like starting my own ICT Consulting Firm, creating a Technology Training Centre, joining the board of the Business Enterprise Centre as their youngest director. My adventures in business gave me the perfect backdrop to write posts every Sunday to inspire other cool young people to create their own opportunities. Whenever I would interview someone for the blog, it would be a big deal. And through all this, it elevated my presence in the community and helped me immensely through professional and personal growth. 

Then as the world evolved and digital marketing became a thing, I tried to take the blog to the next level and that’s when it all fell apart. I couldn’t commercialise it in the way I wanted it to, so I let go of the project. I try not to have regrets in life, but I do miss those early blogging years of an innocent young professional learning and growing and sharing what they learned so that others could do the same. 

So I guess this is my return to blogging and to see where it takes me. 

Adapt, Innovate, Lead! is about sharing my belief that tomorrow can be better than today, and we have the power to make it so, but we just need a little inspiration and guidance along the way. Many of us spend a lot of time doing work but often the only return on that investment of time and energy is a paycheque, or the promise of a pathway that results in a bigger paycheque as we progress. This universal formula for the exchange of time and energy for money is what keeps the business world turning. But as humans today, we want a better return on that time and energy. We want fulfilment that stems from operating with purpose and meaning. 

Companies haven’t quite caught onto this yet, so my work as a professional speaker and business strategist is about helping companies to activate human potential by reshaping the way we think about Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship at work. Why those subjects? Because they’re the topics that have the power to transform thinking and build things that actually solve problems. 

If you take a look around you right now, everything you see was once just an idea in someone’s head. But through the magic of Entrepreneurship, it’s now in front of you today, solving whatever problem you purchased it for. Imagine if we could take that thinking and process out to the masses. Especially to people inside organisations who would love to activate their full potential at work – and have a company that supports them to do so. 

If this possibility resonates with you, subscribe or follow me on LinkedIN, Twitter or YouTube and come along the journey with me. 

Welcome to Adapt, Innovate, Lead!


Photo by Richard Jaimes on Unsplash 


About The Author

AJ Kulatunga is an award winning business strategist and global keynote speaker who specialises in activating innovation and entrepreneurial behaviours for corporate organisations and industry associations. His presentations and programs are used by Senior Leaders to navigate uncertainty and reduce resistance to change. Follow AJ on LinkedIN or Twitter.

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