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“If business moves at the speed of opportunity, how quickly can you move to capture it?”

AJ Kulatunga

Work With AJ

Email or fill out the form below to organise a chat with AJ. From there, he will work with you to understand your objectives and challenges, and co-create a proposal that supports a business case for his services. Once approved, the fun stuff begins.

If you have a desire to create an environment where people show up inspired, focused and ready to perform at their best, get in touch and let’s work together to improve productivity and inspire positive change on a bigger scale.


AJ is a very passionate motivational speaker. Our clients received a different perspective – how to use a crisis to your benefit and see it in a more positive light. AJ is a dream to work with and was great every step of the process beginning to end!

Phillipa Ryle

Business Development Manager, ServCorp

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