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“Society rewards conformity, yet solutions to the world’s biggest problems come from those who refuse to conform. Somewhere along the line, we’ve gotten things horribly wrong. It’s time to rethink.”

AJ Kulatunga

Who is AJ

AJ Kulatunga is a fascinating Entrepreneur, who has built a successful career by consistently transforming negativity into opportunity.

With 20 years of experience in business and technology, including running his own consulting firm, and establishing a training centre, AJ has a unique and empowering perspective on disruptive change that Leaders find valuable to guide them through uncertainty.

AJ is the author of nine business guides, host of two business podcasts and an instructor to 35,000 professionals around the world on peak performance mindset. He has been regularly featured in The CEO Magazine as well as CNN, Information Age, ABC and LMD Magazine.

AJ has a bachelors degree in Business Systems and postgraduate qualifications in Banking and Finance. For his career achievements, AJ was named the NT Young Achiever of the Year by Awards Australia.

When he’s not on stage, AJ enjoys playing guitar, Formula 1, and 4WDriving (Off-roading).

If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who is willing to take a deep dive into your organisation and give you a look at what you are doing from outside your bubble, then AJ is your guy. He is one of the hardest working speakers I have had the pleasure of dealing with and you can tell from the moment you meet him that he will put his heart and soul into delivering a standout session for your team.

Leon Loganathan

Partner, Ward Keller

Why Organisations

Work With AJ

Trusted Professional

10-years speaking across multiple countries, industries and cultures.

Depth of Knowledge

Published nine business guides featuring insights, stories and case-studies from organisations around the world.

Tailored Experience

In-depth interviews conducted before events ensure content delivered is highly relevant and fully customised.

How Can AJ Help?

AJ’s deep expertise helps leaders and teams navigate change and uncertainty. He presents new ideas that reduce resistance to change, facilitates big picture thinking workshops and coaches mindsets to overcome challenges – so organisations are better equipped to deliver on their mission.

How would you feel if your people…

>> Embraced a more positive outlook on the challenges ahead and worked together to nurture the brand through tough times?

>> Learned strategies to improve productivity despite uncertainty?

>> Felt inspired and motivated to create new ideas and drive opportunities forward that increased business value?

These are just some of the outcomes clients can expect by working with AJ for their next planning day, annual conference or client event.

AJ delivered a very lively and engaging session, giving our members around the world very clear tips and actionable suggestions on how to change focus and create favourable outcomes. The “Entrepreneurial Mind” framework and “Good, Bad, Who Knows” story at the end left our members feeling excited and motivated for the future.

Anbu Mohan

Chair, Institute of Chartered Accountants, India

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