“Some people live in a dream world, while others face reality. Then there are those who turn one into the other.”

– D. Erasmus


Meet AJ

I’m often introduced as a Global Expert on Entrepreneurial Thinking & Innovation Culture, but here’s a more interesting story…

What do you do when you’re not academically gifted but have an ex-army captain as a Dad who believes good grades are the ONLY path to success? You become a rebel…

When I was 7, I started a neighbourhood newspaper. At 14, I started a website business and at 23, I ran away from a bad boss to start my own IT Consulting firm. After growing it to 13 staff, I wanted more so I created a Small Business IT Training Centre. For my achievements I won the Young Achiever of the Year Awards 🏆

Turns out that trying to outsmart Dad was great training for success in business!


With companies trying to navigate a rapidly changing world, my unique perspective and abilities have become extremely valuable for Leaders looking for an edge to remain competitive during uncertain times.

My presentations, workshops and coaching creates positive change, allowing you to accelerate performance and achieve goals faster.

Let’s work together to make tomorrow better than today.


Darwin, Australia


Melbourne, Australia


“Dream, Build, Inspire, Lead!”


Box Ticking Mediocrity

AJ standing next to a statue of Bob Hawke


  • Authored 10 business guides
  • Hosted two leadership podcasts
  • Instructor to 37,000 professionals around the world on peak performance mindset
  • Regularly featured in The CEO Magazine as well as CNN, Information Age, ABC and LMD Magazine.

AJ has a bachelors degree in Business Systems and postgraduate qualifications in Banking and Finance. For his career achievements, AJ was named the NT Young Achiever of the Year by Awards Australia.

When he’s not on stage, AJ enjoys playing guitar, Formula 1, and 4WDriving (Off-Roading).

AJK's books and podcasts

Make Tomorrow Better Than Today.

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