“Think Like an Entrepreneur” – AJ Kulatunga

AJ Kulatunga, Keynote Speaker on Business Motivation LeadershipEntrepreneurship isn’t just about starting a business and making money. The mindset and skills of an Entrepreneur allow them to think differently and solve problems that most give up on. Entrepreneurial skills can be applied everywhere.

Using his Entrepreneurial Mind™ framework, AJ Kulatunga’s unconventional approach to innovation and creative thinking helps companies implement new ideas that solve problems.

AJ’s keynotes will inspire your people to think differently about their challenges and his Master Classes will equip them with the skills they need to conquer those challenges.

To see his Entrepreneurial Mind™ framework in action, view the video below.

Who is AJ Kulatunga?


AJ knows what it means to be an Entrepreneur. When he was 7 years old he started a neighbourhood newspaper; at 14 he started a website development business and at 23, AJ gave up secure full time employment to pursue a life long dream of running his own consulting firm. He continues to work there today as the Director of Accelera, a consulting firm that helps businesses accelerate their growth using unconventional Entrepreneurial tactics. 

Originally from Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia, some of AJ’s other achievements include:

AJ Kulatunga NT Young Achiever

  • Setting up a motivational blog in 2007: Dream, Build, Inspire, Lead! that received 11,000 global visits a month
  • Creating the NT’s first Technology Training Centre for small business owners
  • Growing the NT Young Professionals Network
  • Establishing the Australian Computer Society’s Young IT Network in Darwin
  • Serving as a board member of the Business Enterprise Center Darwin, NT Chamber of Commerce and Lifeline Topend
  • Founding Young Entrepreneurz Day , a one day training program that teaches teenagers how to start and run their own business
  • Securing regular contributions in CEO Magazine, Australia’s premier business magazine for executives
  • Organising and delivering a 10-gig international speaking tour from scratch without any contacts by using Entrepreneurial tactics

As a result of his Entrepreneurial leadership, AJ was recognised as the NT Young Achiever of the Year in 2008.

AJ has a Bachelor of Business Systems Degree and a Graduate Certificate in Business (Banking and Finance) from Monash University and now lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Using the wisdom gained from his Entrepreneurial achievements, AJ teaches executives, organisations and business owners to awaken their Entrepreneurial Mind to achieve results… and he can do the same for your team or audience.

Why Book AJ?


AJ is the perfect keynote speaker for your conference or event. His enthusiasm and energy are infectious and will quickly spread throughout your intended audiences to drive your conference theme/message home in their minds.

There are three main reasons why audiences love experiencing AJ on stage:

  • AJ makes your audience feel inspired because they hear stories about how others have overcome similar challenges to them.
  • Audiences also feel excited about their current situation because they have just learned new techniques they can put into practice as soon as they get back to work to overcome whatever challenges they are going through.
  • Most of all, audiences start to believe in themselves that anything is possible because they have awakened their Entrepreneurial Mind.

Connect with AJ on Twitter or LinkedIN OR to book AJ as keynote speaker for your conference or event email speaker[at]ajkulatunga.com