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Business moves at the speed of opportunity, but if things are moving faster outside your organisation than inside, how soon until your existing advantages disappear? Let’s fix that.


Business Strategist | Global Keynote Speaker

With a background in business and technology spanning two decades, AJ has built an award winning career as a consultant and business mentor. But it’s his ability to navigate and lead through disruptive change that sets him apart as a valuable resource for leaders looking to stay ahead in an uncertain world.

Despite whatever is going on in your region of the world, AJ’s proven methodology combined with his inspirational energy will help your organisation move forward faster at the speed of opportunity. Book AJ for a workshop or to speak at your conference and watch your leaders, teams, and customers come alive with excitement.


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Signature Keynote


“Tomorrow Better Than Today”


45 – 60 mins


Innovation | Disruption | Change


Virtual | In Person | Hybrid

An innovation presentation for non-innovators.

The state of the world today can be quite disheartening but it also brings an incredible opportunity to reinvent the way we live, work, play, and learn. We just need to find a path forward through the noise.

In this highly interactive experience audiences will learn how to:

  • Identify opportunities to innovate to maintain a dynamic competitive advantage – even through the most uncertain times.
  • Create a culture of stronger connection and collaboration that empowers people to contribute towards the success of the business.
  • Save valuable time and money by creating well thought out solutions to problems that deliver real, measurable commercial value.

Signature Workshop




Half Day | Full Day


Innovation | Creativity | Entrepreneurial Thinking


In Person

An innovation workshop for non-innovators.

The challenge of winning and keeping customers in a world of rapid change and uncertainty requires a fresh approach to adapt, innovate and lead to thrive.

This workshop will give your people superpowers to:

  • Act as innovation champions, helping to establish and support a culture of innovation and creativity throughout the company.
  • Use the Heart Centered Innovation methodology to address all sorts of challenges and create tangible commercially viable solutions.
  • Become more confident and creative business communicators that drive customer, employee and stakeholder value forward into the future.
Photo testimonial

Manager | SCF Group

Your insights on “Creating Value” and your takeaways were right on target with the sales team.

Photo testimonial

President | L.A.W.

One of the hardest working speakers who puts his heart and soul into delivering a standout session.

Photo testimonial

Territory Manager | ACS

In running over 60 events, I’ve never received such positive feedback – the energy was indescribable!

Activate Innovation

If you or your team are new to innovation the following resources will spark a new way of thinking about challenges and opportunities:

  • Reimagining Innovation
  • Discovering Opportunity Within Uncertainty
  • Business as Unusual Podcast
  • One Small Thing Podcast

Elevate Thinking

In today’s Generative AI world, questions are more important than answers. Here’s some timeless perspective for Leaders looking to get ahead…

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Our insights are on the topic of  Business Creativity. We cover Innovation for Non-Innovators, Entrepreneurship Beyond Business, and Pre-Leadership

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The Competitive Advantage in Business has Changed

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How Do You Disrupt an Industry?

Innovation isn’t about technology, it’s actually about implementing ideas. Here’s a great story from Australian Pop Icon Olivia Newton-John… It's 1971, Olivia Newton-John is in her 7th year in the UK trying to build out her singing career and things are not going...

Call Centre AI Technology Used to Eliminate Accents

As someone who faces prejudice on a daily basis this story fascinates me. But I think it’s the wrong approach…. Sanas is a Silicon Valley startup that is building real-time voice-altering software that aims to help call centre workers around the world sound white...

The Great Resignation: Navigating Disruptive Change

With The Great Resignation in full swing organisations far and wide are scrambling to work out how to address this as a talent problem. However, if you consider the phenomena as an effect of disruptive change, then all sorts of possibilities emerge to tackle it and...

Make Tomorrow BEtter Than Today

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