Photo of AJ Kulatunga
Photo of AJ Kulatunga

A trusted expert for…

Thrive during uncertainty.

Business moves at the speed of opportunity but if things are changing faster outside your organisation than inside, how soon until your existing advantages disappear, creating bigger problems?

What if there was a better way to adapt to change faster?

Meet AJ Kulatunga, an award-winning Business Strategist and Global Keynote Speaker who explores the key principles of innovation that accelerate performance and inspire positive change.

While others struggle with the pains of change and uncertainty, an organisation that moves at the speed of opportunity enjoys the benefits of:

  • An ESG Focused Culture that attracts and retains top talent
  • Courageous Managers who lead into the future with care, clarity and confidence
  • Smarter Teams who think and act innovatively to solve challenges
  • Inspired Customers who partner for stronger and sustainable mutual success

If you don’t rate your organisation a 10/10 in all these areas, AJ’s proven methodology combined with his inspirational energy, will help you reduce friction to make your business move faster at the speed of opportunity.

Book AJ for a lunch & learn session or have him speak at your conference and watch your managers, teams and customers come alive with excitement after experiencing new ways of looking at their challenges.

AJ Kulatunga is the perfect partner to help you disrupt “business as usual” and harness the power of innovation to drive your business forward into the future.

Thank you very much for an enlightening and stimulating presentation at our sales summit. The effort in tailoring your presentation to our business was exceptional. Your insights on ‘Creating Value’ and your ‘Takeaways’ particularly resonated with the staff and were right on target.

Karen Shirras

Office Manager, SCF Group

Experience AJ’s Energy

A trusted expert for…

Choose What You Need

How can AJ support you?

Present Inspiring Ideas

Reframe challenges into opportunities and reduce resistance to change


Facilitate Workshops

Challenge “business as usual” thinking, increase collaboration and improve communication.

Coach Leaders & Teams

Think and act entrepreneurially to improve and accelerate business performance.

Heart Centered Innovation


AJ Kulatunga

What do others think?

AJ’s session brought our event to life. In running over 60 events, I have not heard the same volume of positive feedback – the energy in the room was indescribable! AJ, insists on a deeper understanding of what we want and goes over and beyond to achieve this. He is a phenomenal speaker, exceptional operator and you would be crazy not to lock him in!

Mirela Ramic

Territory Manager, ACS

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