One Small Thing – S1E2

Hacia Atherton is the Director and Chief Commercial Officer of AE Atherton & Sons – the first female in five generations to work full time in the national family business.

She is also one of the most inspirational people on the planet after surviving an accident where her pelvis and legs were crushed by her 600kg horse that she raised and trained herself.

Along with her number one secret to walking again, in this episode Hacia shares her thoughts on leading in male-dominated industries, the power of vulnerability and how she builds trust with clients.

It is an incredible master class on modern-day leadership and peak performance mentality.

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About One Small Thing
For busy executives chasing big goals. One Small Thing shares ideas and stories from some of Australia’s brightest minds on leadership, peak performance and business. We’re all driven by big goals but it’s the little things that stack up over time that help achieve those big goals. Hosted by Business Creativity Speaker – AJ Kulatunga – who is on a quest to find out what are the most important small things for leaders to keep in mind as they navigate a new era of business.

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