“The evolution of the past will be nothing compared to the revolution of the future – we need to prepare today for what’s coming tomorrow”– AJ Kulatunga

How To Innovate a Country

This paper outlines the business case why Transformative Leaders need to accelerate change and innovation to take advantage of future trends. [ Download PDF ]

We are going through a period of rapid change and uncertainty where the basic fundamentals that we’ve taken for granted for most of our lives are being disrupted.

To survive this change, we need to find the courage to rethink our truths to be able to solve some of the world’s largest problems and reimagine the way we live work and play in this new era.

But if things are changing faster outside our circles than inside, then we’ve got a problem.

Transformative Leaders aiming to move towards a stable and sustainable future need everyone to come on the journey with them. This involves inspiring others to think and act more innovatively to reap the benefits of being a creative, adaptable and resilient organisation ready for the future.

How To Innovate a Country

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