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As a Business Strategist, AJ is able to work closely with senior leaders to customise presentations and workshops that address specific priorities and challenges.

AJ coaching sessions are highly personalised, one-on-one experiences that begin by outlining the frameworks that will be used, and then delve into the specific issues at hand. Through these sessions AJ helps clients achieve breakthroughs that move them towards their desired outcomes.

For ongoing support of your organisation’s transformation, AJ can create custom content for internal learning management system. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and explore a range of options to meet your objectives.

AJ's Presentation and Programs Options

Time-Based Support

With shorter time frames (20-60 minutes) presentations can be used to support internal change. For longer timeframes workshops and ongoing coaching can be used to spark and embed behavioural change.

Signature Keynote


“Tomorrow Better Than Today”


45-60 mins


Innovation | Change | Disruption


Virtual | In Person | Hybrid

Change either happens by chance or by choice. You either prepare for it now or get surprised by it later. Over the next decade the foundations that support the way we live, work, play and learn are going to break down, forcing us to rethink the way we do things just to survive. We really need to prepare today for what’s coming tomorrow, but with an exhausted workforce, we need a better way to adapt, innovate and lead to thrive.

This 45-minute interactive session will inspire audiences to think differently about innovation and creativity, challenge their assumptions and spark new ideas as they learn how to embrace change and lead with clarity and confidence.

Audiences will:

  • Discover how to spot opportunities to innovate
  • Learn how to use “Heart Centered Innovation” to create meaningful change
  • Experience how to reduce resistance to change.

Configuration Options

This presentation can be configured to work as a standalone for a special event or. lunch & learn session. Or for a multi-speaker event, it can be reconfigured as the perfect way to close your conference by giving attendees a clever way to implement their key take-aways when they go back to work.

Signature Workshop




Half Day | Full Day


Innovation | Creativity | Entrepreneurial Thinking


In Person

An innovation workshop for non-innovators. DisruptX contains a series of interactive exercises and discussions that will stretch thinking about the world around you.

You’ll learn how to identify key trends and emerging technologies that can change the game in your industry and learn frameworks for evaluating and implementing new ideas.

Throughout the workshop you’ll have the opportunity to work on real-world case studies, and develop an action plan for solving challenges and implementing new ideas in your own business.

Attendees will:

  • Understand the concept of disruptive thinking and its application within various industries
  • Identify key trends and emerging technologies that can change the game in your industry
  • Learn how to use Heart Centered Innovation to create and accelerate positive change

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