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As priorities shift towards building a more sustainable future, innovation is the key to bridging the gap between where we are today and where we need to be tomorrow.

But many people ignore innovation because they don’t understand how it applies to them.

Most think of Innovation as “External Innovation”, the commercialisation of ideas into products and services for sale – which isn’t applicable to a lot of people. What we really need is “Internal Innovation”, the application of human creativity to solve problems.

Through these lenses, innovation is relevant to everyone and bridging The Innovation Gap is crucial for Transformative Leaders who want to reap the full benefits of being an innovative organisation.

Heart Centered Innovation (TM) is a powerful, easy-to-implement framework that addresses The Innovation Gap, allowing Leaders to build adaptive, innovative teams that accelerate ESG initiatives and solve other top priorities challenges.

Download the guide below and begin the journey of making tomorrow better than today.

Heart Centered Innovation

Disrupt business as usual >> Amplify innovation >> Accelerate positive change

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Manager | SCF Group

Your insights on “Creating value” and your takeaways were right on target with the sales team.

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President | L.A.W.

One of the hardest working speakers who puts his heart and soul into delivering a standout session.

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Territory Manager | ACS

In running over 50 events, I’ve never received such positive feedback – the energy was indescribable!

Activate Innovation

In four steps you can activate a culture of innovation. Discover how to:

  • Redefine Innovation in a way that helps everyone understand it.
  • Address the “Innovation Gap” to make Innovation more accessible to your entire organisation
  • Use Heart Centered Innovation to diagnose and solve business challenges relating to sales, recruitment, ESGs and many more…

Support Programs

If you would like support to implement Heart Centered Innovation, these questions will help you figure out what programs suit you:

1. What would you like to achieve?

2. How much support do your people need to build the capability you want them to have?

3. How much time do we have?

Together we can customise a learning and development program for your organisation.

AJ's Presentation and Programs Options

Example Priorities

Challenge Business As Usual

Paul is the Director of a Financial Services Firm. He’s about to do some strategic planning with his leadership team and wants them to think bigger and bolder. With only 20 minutes on his agenda during planing day, Paul books AJ to begin the day with a TED Style Presentation to inspire the team and open their minds to new possibilities.

Improve Capability & Performance

Vicky is the VP of Operations at an Engineering company. There’s a big focus on innovation and collaboration and she wants to make sure her regional managers are doing things differently. Vicky books AJ for a 45-minute “Lunch & Learn” Interactive Presentation to learn the basics of Heart Centered Innovation and apply it to their teams. After fantastic feedback from the session, Vicky engages AJ for coaching individual managers to improve capability and performance.

Increase Efficiency & Productivity

Lynda is the Manager of Learning nad Development for a Local Government Council. The Staff are implementing a new customer-focused strategic plan and Lynda wants council mangers to look for innovative ways to solve problems. As part of Council’s Leadership Development activities, Lynda books AJ for a full-day workshop to teach managers how Heart Centered Innovation works and then develop customer-focused solutions to existing operational challenges. 

Amplify Customer Connection

Tim is the Head of Partnerships at a global technology company. He has the annual Partner Conference coming up and wants all partners to learn new ways of thinking about their Go-To-Market strategies. Tim books AJ for a 60-minute interactive presentation at the conference, focusing deeper on the “Connect” pillar to help partners leverage strategic storytelling. The partners love the session and feel as though they need further help with storytelling, so Tim engages AJ to develop customised resources that can be placed into their Partner Management Portal to support on-going learning.

Meet AJ Kulatunga


Darwin, Australia


Melbourne, Australia


“Dream, Build, Inspire, Lead!”


Box Ticking Mediocrity

Portrait of AJ

AJ Kulatunga is a Business Strategist and Future of Work Keynote Speaker who accelerates business performance by reshaping the way we think about Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship at work.

Leveraging expertise from a 20-year career in business and technology, AJ works with Business Leaders, Teams and Emerging Leaders to help them adapt, innovate and lead to thrive during times of change and uncertainty.

When he’s not on stage, AJ enjoys standup-0comedy, playing guitar and tinkering with his cars.

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