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As a virtual keynote speaker, AJ’s presentations are designed to address a variety of commercial challenges. Each presentation is customised depending on the requirements of your event.

If you want a high-energy, interactive, virtual keynote speaker to wow your audience – Get in touch to see how AJ can combine his knowledge, industry insights and entertaining stories to craft a sensational experience for your attendees.

Virtual Business as Unusual Presentation

Virtual Keynote Speaker - Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Building The New Normal

High energy presentation for organisations who want their people inspired, motivated and ready to re-engage customers in this new era of business.

I loved your session, especially your take on luck – “preparedness meets opportunity”. Thanks again – very entertaining and informative.

Dianne Pegg

Sales Manager, Servcorp

AJ is a very passionate motivational speaker. Our clients received a different perspective – how to use a crisis to your benefit and see it in a more positive light. AJ is a dream to work with and was great every step of the process beginning to end!

Phillipa Ryle

Business Development, Servcorp

If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who is willing to take a deep dive into your practice area and give you a look at what you are doing from outside your bubble, then AJ is your guy. He is one of the hardest working speakers I have had the pleasure of dealing with and you can tell from the moment you meet him that he will put his heart and soul into delivering a standout session for your team.

Leon Loganathan

Partner, Ward Keller

AJ delivered a very lively and engaging session, giving our members very clear tips and actionable suggestions on how to change focus and create favourable outcomes. The “Entrepreneurial Mind” framework and “Good, Bad, Who Knows” story at the end left our members feeling excited and motivated for the future.

Anbu Mohan

Chair, Institue of Chartered Accountants India

The Challenge

The greatest test of an Organisation is how they navigate a crisis. Since we have now entered the early stages of economic recovery, Business Leaders have a great challenge ahead of them – navigating uncertainty to restore some level of business stability.

The Message

“A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste” equips Leaders with fresh thinking and ideas they can leverage immediately to manage the uncertainty ahead and help to build strategic resilience for their companies and clients.

The Program Features:

  • Research collected from 79 CEOs ranging from $2.2M to $511M revealing valuable insights on peak performance psychology and strategy for navigating this crisis.
  • AJ’s Heart-Centered Innovation framework which Leaders can incorporate into their existing toolkit to strengthen capability to navigate uncertainty.
  • 6 strategy focus questions based on examples of businesses and organisations who have adapted to create new business pathways that never existed before.

Combined with AJ’s brand of inspirational energy, this is a must-see presentation for your leaders, teams, clients, customers to reframe uncertainty into opportunity.

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Regular Live Presentations (Deliverable Online)

Innovation / Change

Perfect for conferences – high energy presentation for companies who want their people inspired to unlock fresh ideas.

Innovation / Creativity

For organisations undergoing rapid change and require their people to be innovative and creative problem solvers.

Influence / Resilience / Communication

For organisations feeling the pressure of disruptive change and require their people to implement new ideas.

Business / Entrepreneurship

For groups or associations who want their people to overcome challenges quickly.

Young Professionals / Emerging Talent

For organisations who want to develop the next generation of leaders within the business.

Why Book AJ?

Easy to work with.

AJ’s incredibly motivating energy and his willingness to work through event challenges with you will make your event run smoothly

Virtual ready.

Leveraging experience in Technology and 15+ years of producing online videos, AJ is a master at virtual events. He can also work with your internal speakers to improve virtual presentation skills – ensuring participants receive a high-quality experience.

Breadth of knowledge.

AJ shares real-life examples from organisations and industries around the world, giving audiences a valuable outsider perspective and what could be possible in their industry.

Tailored messages, stories and examples.

AJ invests significant time to understand businesses and industries to customise presentations so they are as relevant as possible to the audience.

Attention to detail.

AJ delivers materials to meeting planners well before the deadline, shows up early, works with the audio-visual team, adapts his presentation to tie into last-minute events or timing changes, and yes, he understands the importance of finishing on time to ensure your schedule stays on track! These small things lead to big outcomes and that makes AJ a true Professional Speaker.