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AJ Kulatunga Inspirational Leadership Speaker

Why Inspirational Leadership?

Leading by example is an incredibly outdated model of leadership. Your example of great leadership might not effectively resonate with others. As an effective leader today you have to lead through motivation. You have to work out what motivates and inspires your people and then leverage those things to lead them. Today’s followers want their leaders to inspire and empower them. That’s inspirational leadership in action.




“Leadership Through the Eyes of an Entrepreneur”


60 min Keynote


Perfect for:

  • Conference opening / closing
  • Organisations wanting to inspire and motivate their managers to become better leaders


Leadership used to be about leading by example however that is an extremely outdated and dangerous way to lead people. As former NT Young Achiever of the Year, AJ offers his practical insights into how leadership really works in the real world today. He inspires and motivates audiences to become leaders through his simple leadership phillosophy: “Dream, Build, Inspire, Lead!”

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • A simple framework to achieve goals
  • An easy to adopt leadership philosophy
  • Inspiration knowing that anyone can become a great leader by a simple shift in their mindset


“We want to tell you how much we enjoyed your presentation at our Sales Summit last Friday. Thank you very much for an enlightening and stimulating presentation and your effort in tailoring your presentation to our business. I know Richard enjoyed your reference to your Ferrari and also in providing the staff a bit of a history lesson on the invention of a container.  Your insights in ‘Creating Value’ and your ‘Takeaways’ particularly resonated with the staff and were right on target. We really loved the ‘You can’t teach a pig to sing’ a good reminder that sometimes you do need to make that call!” – Karen Shirras, Marketing Manager – SCF Group.



Visit Dream, Build, Inspire, Lead! for articles and resources on becoming a better leader.



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