ConflictHave you ever been in a situation where you needed to raise a problem with your boss (or other half) and you weren’t quite too sure how to phrase it so that you wouldn’t end up in trouble?

I’m preparing for an upcoming keynote presentation “Leadership Through the Eyes of an Entrepreneur” and I came across a fantastic Q&A session by leadership expert, Simon Sinek.

You might remember Simon from his TEDx Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”.

A question was asked “How do you tell your “Leader” when things aren’t going right?”

Simon described a technique to use in such situations that raise the issue in a proactive manner instead of playing the blame game.

He said you have three elements that you need to include as part of your statement to your leader/boss/manager:

1. How you feel

2. The specific reason that caused you to feel like that

3. The impact that it will have

For example, you could raise the issue with your boss by saying “I felt you devalued my contribution to the company last thursday when you didn’t bother to show up to our meeting and if I keep feeling this way. my fear is that the work I do will ultimately suffer because I will  stop caring.”

Simon stressed that you need to use all three in your statement because if you miss one element out there is room for confrontation and that’s the last thing you want in a situation like this.

As Entrepreneurs, even though we are our own bosses, technically our clients become our bosses and sometimes we might have to deal with people who we don’t like in order to get a deal done. While Simon’s technique works great for employees who have a problem with their boss, his technique applies to us also.

Here’s the full clip of the Q & A session. It’s packed full of practical leadership insights and for more information on the great work that Simon is doing to inspire leadership check out his website Start With Why

AJ Kulatunga is a keynote speaker and consultant on Entrepreneurship who helps businesses develop Entrepreneurial thinking through the areas of business, motivation and leadership.

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AJ Kulatunga is a keynote speaker who inspires conversations around Disruption, The Changing World and Entrepreneurial Thinking to help Leaders navigate change. See AJ Speak