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AJ isn’t the type of expert to just turn up at speak.

As a Business Strategist, a lot of work is done behind the scenes well before your engagement to ensure everything is highly contextualised to your organisation and your industry.

All presentations and programs are based on Business at the Speed of Opportunity™ principles and highly customised to address specific priorities.

For ongoing support of transformation initiatives, AJ can create custom videos and articles for internal learning management systems.

Book one of our most requested sessions below or get in touch to discuss your requirements and explore a range of options.

AJ's Presentation and Programs Options

Time-Based Support

With shorter time frames (20-60 minutes) presentations can be used to support internal change. For longer timeframes workshops and ongoing coaching can be used to spark and embed behavioural change.

Signature Keynote


“Tomorrow Better Than Today”


45-60 mins


Innovation | Change | Business Growth


Virtual | In Person | Hybrid

The state of the world today can be quite disheartening but it also brings an incredible opportunity to reinvent the way we live, work, play and learn. We just need to find a path forward through the noise.

Designed for companies who want to stay ahead of disruptive change, this thought-provoking interactive experience will empower audiences to adapt, innovate and lead the way into the future – bringing your people, customers and stakeholders with you on this thrilling journey.

This experience will give your people superpowers to:


  • Activate Everyday Innovation – Identify opportunities to address moments of  friction before they turn into larger disruptive challenges
  • Create a stronger culture of connection and collaboration that empowers everyone to contribute towards the success of the organisation
  • Save valuable time and money by creating well-thought-out solutions to problems that deliver real, measurable commercial value.

Configuration Options

This presentation can be configured to work as a standalone for a single speaker event, or for a multi-speaker event, it can be reconfigured as the perfect way to close your conference by giving attendees a clever way to implement their key take-aways when they go back to work.

Signature Workshop




Half Day | Full Day


Innovation | Creativity | Entrepreneurial Thinking


In Person

The challenge of winning and keeping customers in a world of rapid change and uncertainty requires a fresh approach to adapt, innovate and lead to thrive.

ADAPT is the perfect way to challenge business as usual and equip your leaders and teams with a powerful framework that can be used to address a variety of friction points to improve customer or employee experiences. It will even help unlock new business opportunities.

This workshop will give your people superpowers to:

  • Act as innovation champions, helping to establish and support a culture of innovation and creativity throughout the company.
  • Use the Heart Centered Innovation methodology to address all sorts of challenges and create tangible commercially viable solutions
  • Become more confident and creative business communicators that drive customer, employee and stakeholder value forward into the future.

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Master Class


“Impact and Influence”


Half Day 


Leadership | Communication


In Person

In today’s noisy world, the ability to speak with clarity and confidence is a superpower. “Impact and Influence” is a rapid learning experience for professionals designed specifically to help you craft and deliver a well-thought-out message or communicate key information to busy leaders.

During this highly interactive session, participants will:

  • Learn a powerful framework that will enable you to structure an engaging presentation on any topic in as little as five minutes.
  • Explore the 12 ways to make a point – move beyond PowerPoint/Keynote and create a multi-dimensional learning experience for your audience
  • Practice three powerful non-verbal communication techniques that will make your presentations more engaging and impactful.


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Make Tomorrow Better Than Today

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