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AJ’s presentations range from inspirational to tactical and are designed to address a variety of workplace challenges. Each presentation is customised depending on the theme and requirements of your event.

If you want a high-energy and interactive speaker to wow your audience – Get in touch to see how AJ can combine his knowledge, industry insights and entertaining stories to craft a sensational experience for your attendees.

Popular Presentations

How You Think Is More Important Than What You Think

An edu-taining exploration of how business leaders can re-imagine disruption to drive innovation, growth & change during times of global uncertainty and the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0)

Duration: 60 Mins / 45 Mins | Format: Keynote Presentation

Perfect For: 

Conferences / Corporate Events / Meetings 

Key Themes:

Business Creativity, Innovation, Change, Disruption, Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)

Key Takeaways:

  • Disruption is driven by a change in human behaviour, not technology.
  • In the age of disruption, knowing how to figure out answers is more powerful than having the correct answers.
  • Thinking like an Entrepreneur allows you to drive innovation and change throughout your organisation and achieve outcomes many would label “impossible”. 

Audiences will:

  • Open their mind to new possibilities 
  • Understand how to easily troubleshoot current challenges using “The Entrepreneurial Mind” framework
  • Learn how to figure out answers by asking better questions


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Nothing is Impossible

An incredible story about the relentless pursuit of a dream against all odds and discovering how to transform negativity into opportunity to create your own luck.

Duration: 60 Mins | Format: Keynote Presentation

Perfect For:

Conferences / Business Meetings / Corporate Events

Key Themes:

Motivation, Problem Solving, Business Resilience

Key Content and Takeaways:

  • Your circumstances do not dictate your potential 
  • Your response to negativity will ultimately determine your success
  • Everyone is human, they just need to be constantly reminded
  • “No” is just a suggestion
  • When you think like an Entrepreneur, you can achieve “the impossible”, every single time.

At every step of this incredible journey, AJ breaks down the lessons learned and helps audiences understand how to overcome obstacles they face; believe in themselves when no one else will; and achieve desired outcomes. Through this presentation, AJ’s unique perspective of business, technology and leadership, will help your people:

  • Open minds to new ideas and possibilities
  • Transform negativity into opportunity
  • Refocus time and energy to achieve what’s really important


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Think Like an Entrepreneur

A highly interactive session on how to leverage Entrepreneurial Thinking to solve problems, achieve significance and avoid being disrupted.

Duration: 90 Mins / 60 Mins | Format: Interactive Masterclass

Perfect For: 

Breakout or Concurrent Conference Sessions / Small Business Events 

Key Themes:

Business Creativity, Entrepreneurship

Key Takeaways:

The specific content of this session is dictated by the participants in the room. Through a series of interactive games, audiences will:

  • Open their mind to new possibilities 
  • Understand how to easily troubleshoot current challenges using “The Entrepreneurial Mind” framework
  • Implement ideas that solve these challenges

After the session participants will feel empowered because they will be equipped with a few simple techniques to shift minds, navigate challenges and solve problems.

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