Presentations for 2021/22

“Terrific! You got our people thinking innovation is not as difficult as what you might think. I loved the framework you shared – it’s outcomes based and helps you achieve more by getting through those barriers.”

Mark O’Flynn, Innovation Manager – Thales

Why Book AJ?

Risk free professional.

With 10 years in the business spanning multiple continents, timezones and cultures AJ has seen it all. His incredibly motivating energy and his willingness to work through challenges will make your event run smoothly.

Tailored messages, stories and examples.

AJ invests a large amount of time upfront with your organisation to customise all presentations so they are as relevant as possible to your audience.

Depth of knowledge.

AJ shares real-life examples from organisations and industries around the world, giving audiences a valuable outsider perspective of their industry and what else is out there.

More excitement.

AJ creates videos before your event to help with promotion and after your event to maximise takeaways and maintain the buzz.

Attention to detail.

AJ delivers materials to meeting planners well before the deadline, shows up early, works with the audio-visual team, adapts his presentation to tie into last-minute events or timing changes, and understands the importance of finishing on time to ensure your schedule stays on track! These small things lead to big outcomes for your event.

AJ delivers expertise on

Change | Innovation | Communication

AJ’s presentations range from inspirational to tactical and are designed to address a variety of organisational challenges. Each presentation is customised depending on the theme and requirements of your event.

If you want a high-energy and interactive speaker to wow your audience – Get in touch to see how AJ can combine his knowledge, industry insights and entertaining stories to craft a sensational experience for your attendees.

Most Requested Presentations

Innovation / Change

Perfect for conferences – high energy presentation for companies who want their people inspired to unlock fresh ideas.

Innovation / Creativity

For organisations undergoing rapid change and require their people to be innovative and creative problem solvers.

Influence / Resilience / Communication

For organisations feeling the pressure of disruptive change and require their people to implement new ideas.

Business / Entrepreneurship

For groups or associations who want their people to overcome challenges quickly.

Young Professionals / Emerging Talent

For organisations who want to develop the next generation of leaders within the business.