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Think Like an Entrepreneur:

The Path to Possibilities – How to Solve Problems, Achieve Significance and Avoid Disruption

Duration: 60 Mins / 45 Mins | Format: Keynote Presentation

Perfect For: 

Conferences / Business Events / Meetings 

Key Themes:

Business Creativity, Innovation, Surviving Disruption 

Key Messages:

  • In the age of disruption, HOW you think is much more important than what you think. 
  • When you think like an Entrepreneur, you uncover new ideas that you never saw before
  • If you solve the right problems and achieve significance, you avoid disruption AND make the world better a place



Many companies and industries are experiencing the effects of a rapidly changing world and aren’t too sure how to navigate them.

Traditional experts on disruption usually highlight disruptive forces and introduce fears of “innovate or die”, but there is a better way to help your people navigate these challenging times.

AJ prefers to look at disruption through the lenses of a simple idea:

To survive The Age of Disruption, HOW you think is more important than what you think.

In this presentation, AJ walks audiences through a series of stories, observations and interactive games, designed to get your audience to think creatively about their challenges.

Audiences will:

  • Open their mind to new possibilities 
  • Understand how to easily troubleshoot current challenges using “The Entrepreneurial Mind” framework
  • Implement well thought out ideas that solve these challenges

After the session participants will feel empowered because they will be equipped with a few simple techniques to shift minds, navigate challenges and solve problems.

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Nothing is Impossible:

An incredible story about transforming negativity into opportunity.

Duration: 60 Mins | Format: Keynote Presentation

Perfect For:

Business Meetings / Events

Key Themes:

Motivation/Inspiration, Transform Negativity into Opportunity

Key Message:

Believe in yourself even when no one else does, because when you see the world through the eyes of an Entrepreneur, nothing is impossible.


We all have 24 hours in the day, so how come some people achieve much more than others? It depends on what you focus on. This presentation is a story about the relentless pursuit of turning a dream into reality. 

In 2015, AJ wanted to expand his speaking career overseas. Having well-connected cousins, he reached out to secure their help to turn his dream into reality. Instead, they all told him it was impossible.

But AJ didn’t listen. 

Believing that it could be done, AJ used his Entrepreneurial mindset and tactics to conquer negative mindsets, survive natural disasters and avoid the most dangerous threat of all – arranged marriage!

At every step of this incredible journey, AJ breaks down the lessons learned and helps audiences understand how to overcome obstacles they face; believe in themselves when no one else will; and achieve desired outcomes.

Through this presentation, AJ’s unique perspective of business, technology and leadership, will help your people:

  • Open minds to new ideas and possibilities
  • Transform negativity into opportunity
  • Refocus time and energy to achieve what’s really important

Most of all, hearing AJ’s story will make your people believe that nothing is impossible when you think like an Entrepreneur.

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