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Presentations & Programs

AJ specialises in working with organisations going through transformation and want their people aligned to change, inspired for success and motivated to make it happen.

A variety of education and training solutions are available ranging from presentations to individual coaching. We can also create content to include in your internal learning management system for on-going support towards transformation. 

With limited time we can organise a Lunch & Learn TED-Style or Interactive Presentation. With more time we can go deeper with Workshops and Coaching. 

Talk to AJ about your requirements and we can arrange a package of options to meet your objectives.

Most Requested Presentations

Reimagining Innovation

Theme: Change / Innovation

Innovation has become known as the antidote to disruption but success in a new post-covid-era of business requires a different type of Innovation, one beyond products and services.

In this presentation AJ challenges how we think about Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship at work to help us reimagine the way business could move at the speed of opportunity.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Redefine Innovation to help everyone be more creative in their roles
  • Build a stronger competitive advantage by activating the full spectrum of Innovation
  • Utilise the Heart Centered Innovation™ model to diagnose and solve business challenges relating to sales, recruitment, operational efficiency and many more…

Attendees will gain clarity and confidence to transform their organisation to thrive during uncertainty.

Business at the Speed of Opportunity

Theme: Innovation / Creativity

In a world of rapid change and uncertainty, how do we adapt, innovate and lead to thrive? In this presentation AJ explores the secrets of navigating disruptive forces, revealing valuable insights on how to thrive during uncertainty.

Participants will learn:

  • What actually drives disruption and how to spot opportunities for innovation
  • How leaders can improve the creativity of their teams
  • The one trait that organisations must develop and scale in order to win in this new era of business

The case studies, stories and insights combined with AJ’s invigorating energy will have audiences feeling inspired and empowered to tackle any challenges.

Discovering Opportunity Within Uncertainty

Theme: Change / Resilience

With the global pandemic wearing us all down, it’s important for Leaders and Teams to remain focused on the bigger picture and maintain momentum.

In this presentation AJ helps participants:

  • Understand the magnitude of change coming over the next decade and how to prepare for it effectively
  • Recognise the micro effects of negative influences on your mind that can impact effectiveness as a Leader
  • Activate the 3 Mindset Shifts required to see opportunity within negativity and build momentum.

Participants will feel inspired, motivated and be equipped with tactics to preserve a positive mindset during uncertain change.

Young Leaders Presentation

Theme: Young Professionals / Emerging Leaders

The opportunities of tomorrow are completely different to the opportunities of today. For tomorrow’s Leaders to be effective, they’re going to need a different mindset and new skills to succeed. 

In this presentation AJ takes participants on a journey to:

  • Discover why Creativity and Entrepreneurial skills are essential for the future of work
  • Shift thinking from having answers to asking better questions that unlock opportunity
  • Activate “The 5 Cs”  to build the one trait that all employers desire, but never actually reveal.

Attendees will feel inspired and empowered to contribute to the success of their organisation as adaptive, value-building future leaders.

Terrific! You got our people thinking innovation is not as difficult as what you might think. I loved the framework you shared – it’s outcomes based and helps you achieve more by getting through those barriers.

Mark O'Flynn

Innovation Manager, Thales