The ability to sell an idea to anyone, anywhere, anytime is a crucial asset for a great CEO.

A quick story…

How to sell an idea in 5 minutes

Have you ever taken on an “disaster” project? Last year I was hired by an international company to do a speaking tour for their best clients. After three months of marketing, unfortunately my partners were unable to sell any tickets for the events. BUT they decided not to tell me this until I was face to face with them. Eeek!

Luckily they let me take control of the situation. My first job was to try to convince a whole bunch of powerful CEOs on why they should send people to my programs. As you know CEOs are extremely busy people, but because I was an international guest, each of them granted me five minutes.

Each presentation was pure torture because every CEO stared at me like I was wasting their whole day. Technically I couldn’t blame them because here I was, in front of some of the most powerful people in the country, trying to explain why they should risk their professional reputation by taking a chance on an unknown like me.

I’m not going to lie… I shit myself… but luckily it came out as “let me tell you why this is one of the best decisions you’re going to make all year.” And then I began my five minutes.

Remarkably at the end of those five tense minutes, every CEO’s hostility melted away and they became so excited to be involved with me. I managed to sell-out all of my programs within two days – something that my partners couldn’t do in 3 months.


One of my sessions

Mission accomplished

So how did I succeed while my partners failed?

When my partners tried to sell the programs, they did what most people do – they simply shared information. Instead, I took a different approach and used my communication skills to present ideas with impact and influence.

This simple distinction makes a huge difference between a bad presentation and a great presentation… and if you’re going sell an idea to your team, the board, key stakeholders or to people with power, you need to have magical communication and presentation skills.

Those are the exact skills I want to equip you with, so that you can conquer whatever challenge comes your way.

Learn how to present with

Impact and Influence

One on one coaching

Perfect for CEOs who desire to build a profile within the marketplace.

What will you learn?


Stage Presence

Achieve the appropriate presence on stage, in the boardroom or even in a client’s office.

Content Creation

Create compelling content that has your audience pay attention to you

Presentation Delivery

Deliver engaging presentations using 11 different ways to drive your points into the minds of your audience.

Be that inspiring CEO that everyone loves


Create your own speaking style

Learn the secrets of the world’s greatest presenters and combine them with your own personality to stand out from the crowd

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AJ Kulatunga

I’m AJ Kulatunga and for the past 7 years I have been a professional speaker on the topics of business, motivation and leadership. I’ve been engaged to inspire audiences at small business events like Manningham Business Network’s breakfast meetings and Box Hill Institute’s networking nights. I’ve also been asked to influence audiences at larger industry conferences, like the World Computer Congress and the Economic Development Australia Conference. My latest speaking adventure was organising a 10-gig international corporate speaking tour without having any contacts. To achieve this, I leveraged the power of YouTube and Twitter to market myself effectively and secure the right partnerships and audiences. I’m constantly practicing what I preach because just like you, I want to continue to improve my skills and achieve my goals in life. You can see a snippet of my speaking adventures in the video below OR if you want to jump right in and book me for a coffee to see how I can help you, scroll down and message me!

What makes a bad presentation?

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My usual fee is $100 million billion. I’m kidding…I’m worth twice that much! Seriously though… how much you invest in my services depends on what sort of help you need. Some people just need a quick evaluation session to fix any obvious mistakes, others prefer my full 90 minute coaching sessions where we practice the fundamentals. Best thing to do is get in touch with me and let’s see where the conversation takes us.

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