How to Present with Impact & Influence

Learn how to build your business, close more sales, or advance your career quickly


Unlike other seminars you might have attended in the past, this one is different!

You WILL NOT be shoved into a room to listen to a bunch of speakers try to sell you their expensive coaching programs.

This session is about giving you tools and techniques to help you conquer your challenges and achieve your goals.

Seminar Details

Date and Time:

Tuesday, 16th May
8:30am for a 9am start /
4pm finish


Bright HQ | Suite 3A, 54 Vernon Terrace, Teneriffe, 4005
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Attend this event if any of these describe you:

*  You are in a sales role and would like to influence customers to buy from you

*  You run your own business and want to influence potential customers / investors to do business with you

*  You work full time and want to do better presentations for your job

*  You want to develop your leadership skills and progress up the career ladder quickly


What Are You Going to Learn?

Most presentation classes talk about overcoming nerves or how to create powerpoint slides. Stuff that!

A world class presenter knows how to influence anyone, anywhere, every time and to do that they master two elements of their presentation  – content and delivery. So that’s what we’re going to look at in this Masterclass.

It doesn’t matter what your job is because this Masterclass will cover skills that apply to any job and you will be coached individually to make sure you understand how these skills fit what you do.

You will learn:


  • Stage / Room Positioning

Where you stand and how you sit, has a crucial impact on your speech in the minds of your audience. You can actually use different parts of the stage or your room to add impact and influence to your presentation. So I’m going to show you what each position means and how you can incorporate where to stand to make your audience believe you are an amazing speaker.


  • Gestures

What you do with your hands will indicate to your audience if you are an influential presenter or an idiot with no clue. I’m going to show you exactly how to use your hands so that you can present with impact and influence.


  • Energy Management

As soon as you step on stage or into a room, people will be making judgments about you. It’s incredibly important to manage your own energy AND that of your audience so that you remain in control at all times. I’ll show you my best techniques on how to achieve this so that you look like a confident presenter who knows exactly what they’re talking about.



  • How to Craft a Great Presentation

Many people get stuck in working out what to say during a presentation and almost always say too much. I’m going to teach you four questions you need to ask yourself when creating a presentation and when you learn them, it’ll make creating presentations incredibly easy for you!


  • How to Create a Presentation Without Powerpoint or Keynote

These tools have a place but a lot of the time they are used wrong and can annoy your audience. I’m going to show you techniques to help you present without needing slides – great for moments when technology fails!


  • How to Present Ideas to Different Audiences

Remember your goal is to influence anyone, anywhere, every time. The problem is that a lot of people assume that everyone learns in the same way but the reality is that we all learn and absorb information differently. So to be a great presenter, you need to present ideas in a variety of ways. I’m going to show you the 11 different ways to present new ideas so that who you are speaking to, will ALWAYS get a clear understanding of what you are saying.


Bonus Cool Techniques

  • How to Avoid Arguments

When you become a master communicator you learn how to avoid arguments quickly 😉

  • How to Get Access to People Online

For those of you who use online social media tools, let me share with you how I build a network of people who know, like and trust me to work with me to achieve my goals. This is what influence is all about!

  • Conquer Your Challenges

If there’s anything specifically you would like to cover – in this section we work through it together so you can be sure that you can conquer whatever is challenging for you in your job.


PLUS You’ll also get feedback on your current presentation style AND reviewed on your new presentation style once you’ve learned all the techniques.


You’re going to walk out of the seminar with complete confidence that you can present to anyone, anywhere, on any topic. Now that’s powerful!



Sponsored Tickets (hurry, only 10 available!) – $95

EarlyBird (Before 5th of May) – $350 

General Admission – $450 

Think about it for a moment… not knowing these skills in your career or your business will cost you a LOT more than the ticket prices listed above. So come along!

Plus there’s no sales spiels to buy more products. You pay a fee to attend the day and learn the skills you were promised.


What you need to do:

Register below ASAP as (1) we only have limited tickets available and (2) tickets prices will increase as we get closer to the event.


What to bring/wear:

** Bring along a notebook, pen, laptop and/or tablet

** Professional attire

** Some information to present to the rest of the group – either slides from a previous presentation, brochure, a story, teaching a skill etc.

** Come ready to learn and participate



– We will NOT be using Powerpoint or Keynote in this Masterclass

– Lunch will not be served, participants are encouraged to bring food and drink requirements or purchase them from nearby venues.

– An audio-visual recording of this event will be produced may be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube. By attending this event you consent to be photographed/filmed.

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