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Stage Presence

Achieve the appropriate presence on stage, in the boardroom or even in a client's office.

Content Creation

Create compelling content that has your audience pay attention to you

Presentation Delivery

Deliver engaging presentations using 11 different ways to drive your points into the minds of your audience.

Be that inspiring Presenter that everyone loves


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AJ Kulatunga

I’m AJ Kulatunga and for the past 7 years I have been a professional speaker on the topics of business, motivation and leadership. I’ve been engaged to inspire and influence audiences at small business events like Manningham Business Network’s breakfast meetings and Box Hill Institute’s networking nights. I also speak at larger industry conferences, like the World Computer Congress and the Economic Development Australia Conference. My latest speaking adventure was organising a 10-gig international corporate speaking tour without having any contacts. To achieve this, I leveraged the power of YouTube and Twitter to market myself effectively and secure the right partnerships and audience. This is just one example of me constantly practicing what I preach because I only want to give you the best ideas to help you succeed. You can see a snippet of my speaking adventures in the video below OR if you want to book me for a coffee to see how I can help you, scroll down and message me!

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How much do I charge?

My usual fee is $100 million billion. I’m kidding…I’m worth twice that much! Seriously though… how much you invest in my services depends on what sort of help you need. Some people just need a quick evaluation session to fix any obvious mistakes, others prefer my full 90 minute coaching sessions where we practice the fundamentals. Best thing to do is get in touch with me and let’s see where the conversation takes us.

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