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With over 21 years of helping business owners get results from online marketing, let me help you get more customers and increase your sales.

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“67% increase in leads…”

“After 30 years in business I only ever trusted word of mouth marketing but AJ convinced me to do a website and a video on YouTube. Now I no longer have to chase business as my phone keeps buzzing with calls and email inquiries. Our leads have increased by 67% with a 95% conversion rate.”

Craig Willingham
Director, Affordable Group

Here's What You'll Get

MAP combines the insider knowledge of how things work online and how people buy in today’s world. It’s designed to get you results no matter what your business is or where you are located.


Personalised Review
A personalised review of your website and social media channels to reveal problems that might be killing your sales. This includes an honest in depth psychological review of how the visual elements and content of your website and social media come together to make your visitors “think, feel and behave” in order to buy from you.
Customised Action Plan

A customised 30-hour Action Plan listing exactly how to fix those problems at a self paced rate

1 on 1 Clarity Session

A 30-min clarity session with me to review the changes you’ve made after finishing the items on your action plan.

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