How Entrepreneurs Use Video to Increase Sales

Video is an incredible method of communicating with your customers and potential customers but a lot of the time I see providers, business owners and Entrepreneurs using video the wrong way.

My friend Mick Russell, a melbourne videographer, interviewed me on my thoughts about using video to increase sales in a small business.

If you can’t watch the video, here’s the gist of it.

Having a video to market your business isn’t about creating a commercial that tells everyone how great your products and services are. It’s a bit like walking into a networking function and screaming at everyone “Look at ME! Buy my stuff now!!!”

That’s the old school “interruption marketing” at play and it’s useless in today’s switched on consumer market.

Think about it. If you were at a networking function and someone came up to you and threw their business card in your face without finding out anything about you, would you cherish the experience and want to do business with them?

What about when you sit at home watching the tv during your favourite tv show and it’s time for a commercial break, do you sit there and watch every ad in anticipation?

What Should Your Small Business Video Look Like?

Video used properly presents an incredible opportunity to really market your business in a way that helps you stand out from your competitors by combining educational information about your products and services with an entertaining story about your business. I call this “Edu-taining”. The best example of this are those late night infomercials. Yes I agree some of them are incredibly cheesy but others are quite good and incredibly effective at selling products.

You need to do the same for your business, but create a micro-informercial of about three minutes.

Your video should contain three things:

1. Some sort of a micro story behind how and why the business was started – show that you understand your customers’ problems or challenges.

2. Show how your products and services solve your target market’s problems – use product demonstrations or showcase specific case studies where you’ve helped solve problems

3. strong call to action to either email or call your business to find out more – pick one method that you can track easily to determine results of your video.

Now there are always exceptions to this rule depending on your business, products and services and who your target market is, but in general this simple formula will fit 95% of the small/micro businesses out there.

For the other 5% find a videographer that understands your business and comes up with a creative way to share your business stories with your market.

Once you have your video finished, then you’ll need to promote it. There’s so many ways to take your video out there but that’s a story for another time…

AJ Kulatunga is a keynote speaker and consultant on Entrepreneurship who helps businesses develop Entrepreneurial thinking through the areas of business, motivation and leadership.

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