How Entrepreneurs Use Social MediaI was visiting clients the other day and I heard a very interesting statement about Social Media from a seasoned business owner turned management consultant:

“I have no idea how Social Media helps business.”

That’s like saying “I have no idea how the telephone helps business.” Interestingly enough, the reality of both situations is that they don’t. Social media will not help your business just as much as a telephone won’t, unless you figure out how to apply them as tools to specific areas in your business to achieve outcomes.

Here are some examples:

Using Social Media In Sales

The purpose of sales is to identify potential sales opportunities and then to sell to them. Social Media platforms such as LinkedIN could be used to identify and research potential business to business clients and this information could be used by a sales team to

Using Social Media In Marketing

The purpose of marketing is to create awareness around a brand and it’s products and services. You could use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube in fact pretty much all of the social media channels out there to market a business.

Using Social Media In Human Resources (HR)

HR is concerned with developing people and Social Media could be used to help train, educate and inform employees with the latest information relating to their job. For example, if Leadership is a top priority within the company then a special Leadership blog could be set up to inspire more employees to become leaders.

When you think about Social Media as a whole concept you’ll easily get lost and dismiss it’s usefulness in business. However if you look at what areas within your business could benefit from using Social Media for a specific purpose then you’ll start to come up with creative uses of the medium.

That’s the difference between Social Media and Social Business. If you’d like to know more about how to get results with Social Business then check out my consulting firm BLKMGK Social.

AJ Kulatunga is a keynote speaker and consultant on Entrepreneurship who helps businesses develop Entrepreneurial thinking through the areas of business, motivation and leadership.

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AJ Kulatunga is a keynote speaker who inspires conversations around Disruption, The Changing World and Entrepreneurial Thinking to help Leaders navigate change. See AJ Speak