Entrepreneur Training

How All Entrepreneurs Think

All of AJ’s training is based around the framework of “The Entrepreneurial Mind™”. Programs are offered under each barrier and designed specifically to overcome the challenges involved with that particular barrier.

Training for Internal Barriers

  • Ultimate Goal Setting and Achieving
  • Managing Internal Communications
  • Ultimate Decision Making

Training for External Barriers

  • Impact and Influence (Speaking and Presenting)
  • Building Connections (Networking / Building Relationships)

Training for Idea Barriers

  • Business Survival

Demo videos for each of these modules can be seen here.

Corporate Entrepreneurship Training

For corporate clients wanting their people to think like Entrepreneurs, AJ also offers a training solution called Entrepreneur Survival Skills that encompasses all the above training modules.

Survival Skills is offered as a packaged solution and is delivered through a combination of of learning solutions including:

* On demand E-learning videos
40+ videos, organised into 6 specific modules, these will be accessible 24/7 via any internet device

* 2-Day Live Intensive Immersion
Practical application of the learning is the priority with valuable feedback from the facilitator and colleagues

* Online Deep Dive Webinars
Once a month we broadcast a webinar focusing on one area of our Survival Skills. This provides a regular connection to our facilitator and a great opportunity to continue ongoing development.

*Fortnightly Focus Emails
Discover the video modules in helpful bite sized pieces as we ensure you stay on track by sending you regular emails that guide you through the program.

*Internal Marketing Support

  • We understand the challenge in engaging your people to actually undertake the training and we offer support in promoting the program internally to your people through various marketing resources.


To discuss the specific training requirements for your organisation please contact us with your initial questions and we can organise a meeting or a call.