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Why Is This Master Class Important?


Most of us live our lives completely differently to how we did just a few years ago before we had all this technology that we interact with on a daily basis.Since the world has changed and the people in it have changed, why are so many businesses still using outdated methods when trying to sell products and services to us? For example, have you ever been interrupted by a telemarketer during dinner time with your family?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll hate the experience and want to get off the call as soon as possible and get back to your personal time.

What I find amazing is that a lot of businesses are running their marketing in exactly the same way and screaming messages of “Look at Me, Look at Me!” and “Buy My Stuff NOW!!!”.

Except most don’t even realise it!

This style of marketing worked great in the old transaction economy when you just had to make a sale but now in the New Social Economy people are a lot more wiser and now have so much more choice in their lives.


“People Love to Buy, But They Hate Being Sold To”


If you don’t learn how to make sales in this new economy and connect properly with your customers and clients, then you will have to start looking for a job very quickly.

To succeed you need to create a strategic sales and marketing process that builds your credibility while attracting new clients at the same time.

While this might sound quite difficult, it’s really easy when you know what to do and how to do it.

And that’s exactly why my Master Class is so important for you right now. 

I’ve spent many years doing all the hard work figuring all this stuff out and now you can benefit from everything I’ve learned and put it into action in your business immediately.

In fact, after attending this Master Class, you’ll walk away with a solid plan to market your business in 2014.


Is This For Me?

This program is perfect for people who want their business to flourish in 2014.

It’s for people who want to stop attracting annoying clients.

But most of all it’s for people who want to turn their dreams into reality through their business.

Specifically, you will gain insane value out of this program if you are a:

* small business owner
* in charge of marketing your business
* just starting or thinking about starting a business
* author/speaker/coach/trainer


 This program is not for people who love get rich quick schemes, are completely happy with their marketing in 2014, or multiple level marketers (mlm).


Please note that the class isn’t like a lecture where you sit down for three hours and take notes. It’s highly interactive and you will be creating content for your own business during the class.


What Will I Learn?

The T.L.C. philosophy is incorporated throughout the day but during this 1/2 day Master Class you will work through four sessions:


Session 1 – Stop Attracting The Wrong Clients

Have you ever had a really annoying customer or client that drained the energy out of you? That’s because they had a whole different set of values to you and your business.

This session will help you identify your own values, your business values and your customers values and will show you exactly how to change your marketing to resonate better with your ideal customers.

And the best bit is you will stop attracting the wrong type of stressful customers into your business!


Session 2 – Learn What Your Clients Are Thinking

Unless you know what your customers are thinking, you’ll forever be trying to sell them the wrong products and services to solve their problems.

This session takes you inside the mind of your customers so that you can discover what they are thinking and feeling and be able to tailor your marketing messages exactly to their needs.

And the best bit is you will stop wasting your time, money and energy on marketing your business the wrong way!


Session 3 – Understand How to Reach More Clients

Everyone goes through a decision making process from the moment they realise they need a product or service to the moment when they pull out their credit card and make a purchase.

This is known as the Sales Journey and this module will help you map out your Customer Sales Journey Timeline so you know exactly what decisions are running through their head and how you can be helping them at each point of their journey so that they end up buying your products and services.

And the best bit is that by following this process you will make your customers know, like and trust you quicker so you can sell more to them!


Session 4 – Stay Ahead of Your Competition, All the Time!

Knowing your customers will put you miles ahead of the game but in order to speed up the process, why not learn from people who are already established in your market and spent thousands of dollars trying to reach the same people you’re trying to reach.

In this session I’ll reveal how I analyse my clients’ competitors and teach you my exact process to do the same thing so you’ll always be one step ahead of your competition!


At the end of the class you’ll have enough insider secrets to attract your perfect clients and customers in 2014!


What Do Others Think?




“AJ Rocks! Everything I’ve done with him always brings awesome results. I especially enjoyed the Sales Journey Timeline because it will allow me to refocus my entire website to being more customer centric. Now I’ve finally got some solid tools to help me.” – Bronwyn Clee, Bronwyn Clee & Associates






“I’ve really enjoyed the workshop because it has made me think about re-jigging my whole business in line with my target market” – Peter Shepard, PSG Consulting






“I’ve learnt to understand what my clients really want which is crucial because our whole business relies on women talking to each other” – Michelle O’Hara, Intimo Lingerie.




When Is It?

“Engage Dammit!” is on the following dates and times:

Melbourne – 27th November, 9am – 1:pm, Venue: Centre for Adult Education

Sydney – 5th December, 9am – 1:pm, Venue: CBD


How Much?

The price of this Master Class is $220.00 inc gst.

Included in the price is:

  • Registration Fee
  • Course Materials
  • BONUS 1 on 1 Consulting Session with AJ valued at $1,100
  • BONUS Online Audit of your business website and social media channels valued at $220
  • 30-day money back guarantee


How do I Register?

If you want to get serious and see your business skyrocket in 2014 click on the link below to be transferred to PayPal and fill in your details.


Email – info[at] or call 0418 810 397.


Meet Your Trainer!


AJ_Kulatunga_TrainingAJ is a Young Achiever, Entrepreneur and Inspirational Business speaker passionate about creating opportunities that change the world.

He currently runs BLKMGK ICT, a Social Media Marketing consultancy servicing clients around Australia; and Dream, Build, Inspire, Lead! a motivational project designed to help other young achievers turn their dreams into reality.

AJ has a Bachelor of Business Systems degree from Monash University and also has post graduate qualifications in Banking and Finance.

For his hard work and dedication to growing the next generation of Australian Entrepreneurs, AJ was recognised as the 2008 NT Young Achiever of the Year.

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