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A 1-Day Workshop to make you a better leader and help you add value to your organisation

Why should you attend?

The world has changed…

We are now operating in an environment filled with incredible uncertainty, rapid technological advancement and human behavioural change.

As a result, your role as a Manager needs to adapt to navigate these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities they bring.

Essentially, you need to develop HOW to think, instead of what to think. That’s how you build strategic agility and protect against disruption.

You already have great career experience and industry knowledge, and this workshop will take your capability to a whole new level!

What will you learn?

The value of a Manager to any organisation lies in their ability to manage operational issues as efficiently as possible, while also bringing strategic value to the business.

We are going to learn how to do this by leveraging the techniques of The World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs in four crucial areas:

The value of a Manager to any organisation lies in their ability to manage operational issues as efficiently as possible, while also bringing strategic value to the business.

We are going to learn how to do this by leveraging the techniques of The World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs in four crucial areas:

Great Entrepreneurs don’t care about making a bad decision or a good decision. They care about making the best possible decision. You will learn three different types of decision-making frameworks that will help you make better decisions, faster. Improving your decision-making skills will make you a more effective leader as you manage operational issues.

Great Entrepreneurs communicate with impact and influence. The Communication frameworks you will learn will help you avoid miscommunication issues and reduce workplace conflict. You will also learn advanced presentation techniques to help you inspire and motivate your people to perform better. If your role requires you to increase the profile of your organisation by doing public presentations, this section alone will be invaluable to you.

Great Entrepreneurs solve problems by using a framework called The Entrepreneurial Mind. Learning how they do this will help you solve problems in a way that will uncover opportunities you never saw before. Imagine what this would mean for your career.

Great Entrepreneurs are masters of their mind. With so much negativity in the world today, to achieve success you need to learn how to convert negativity into opportunity. Your trainer is a Master at this, having built up his whole career while being in negative environments. This session will give you skills to navigate whatever challenges you face in life.

Meet Your Trainer

AJ Kulatunga is an Australian Young Achiever, Keynote Speaker and Unconventional Entrepreneur. With him as your instructor, you won’t be learning theoretical knowledge – you will be learning from someone who has walked the talk, several times over.

When AJ was 7 years old, he started his own neighbourhood newspaper. At 14, he started a website development business; and at 23 AJ ran away from a bad boss to start his own IT Consulting Firm – BLKMGK ICT. Some of AJ’s other achievements include:

  • Created Darwin’s first Technology Training Centre for Small Business
  • Youngest Board Member to the Business Enterprise Centre of Australia
  • Writer for CEO Magazine – 250,000 readers
  • Organised a 10-gig international speaking tour without any contacts
  • Founded Young Entrepreneurz Day for teenagers to learn Entrepreneurial skills

AJ has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Systems and Post Grad Qualifications in Banking and Finance. For his Entrepreneurial Leadership, AJ was named Young Achiever of the Year and Career Achiever of the Year by Awards Australia.

Taking the lessons he learned from his adventures, AJ now helps Leaders and Management Teams unlock business value. Connect with AJ via Linkedin.

What do others think?

“The Complex decision-making framework is what I found most valuable. I never thought about changing the way I make decisions but now I use it every day to help me be a better leader.”

– Ravi Sinathamby

“For me the Communications Model was amazing. So simple and effective, I’ve used it to reduce conflicts in my office between my staff who always argue.”

– Kathy Atkinson

“Being a leader sometimes means you have to put on a brave face when things go wrong. AJ’s techniques on managing negativity were fantastic and I’m using them at home as well as work.”

– Simon Hill

Pricing and Dates

Next Workshop:

Wednesday 25th April 9am - 5pm

Singapore CBD Location


$2,500 AUD

(inc gst)


* Admission fee for the day

* A follow-up 1-on-1 mentoring session via Skype (value $500)

* 12 months access to online support videos (value $600)

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$2,000 AUD  inc gst

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Our Guarantee

Our reputation is defined by the success of our programs. If our program does not fully meet your expectations, we will either provide you with a full refund or offer you a complimentary service of equal value.

Is this training right for you?

To decide is if this is the right learning opportunity for you, ask yourself three questions:

  1. Have you thought about what you want to achieve in your current role?

Your current role sets you up for the next role in your career. The value that you bring to your company in this role, will indicate how valuable you will be to an organisation in your next role. So have you thought about what you want to achieve now to set up your future?

2. Would you like new skills and ideas to help you add more value to your organisation?

You’ve already got fantastic career experience and industry knowledge, but that’s not enough to survive and thrive in today’s challenging environment. The more skills you learn will help you add more value to your current organisation.

3. Would you like support from like-minded individuals as you perform your current role?

Each member of The Entrepreneurial Advantage community supports fellow members to conquer challenges and unlock new ideas. Imagine what it would be like to turn to a group of trusted, like-minded people for advice whenever you need it?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions this is the right workshop for you and you should go ahead and secure your place.

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