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Meet AJ Kulatunga

AJ Kulatunga Business Motivation LeadershipAJ Kulatunga, is a Entrepreneur, Young Achiever and Keynote speaker from Melbourne Australia who runs his own business advisory firm – BLKMGK. When AJ was 7 years old, he started a neighbourhood newspaper; at 14 he started a website development business; and at 23, AJ ran away from a bad boss to start his own IT Consulting Firm.

As a result of his Entrepreneurial achievements throughout his career, AJ was named the Young Achiever of the Year in 2008.

AJ has a Bachelor of Business Systems and a Graduate Certificate in Banking & Finance from Monash University. He has 20 years experience in business and technology consulting and has added value to global giants such as Microsoft, HP and Fujitsu.

Appearing frequently in CEO Magazine, AJ teaches people how to awaken their Entrepreneurial Mind to conquer strategic challenges and create opportunities to survive and thrive in business.

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