Entrepreneurship for Managers – Sri Lanka 2016

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AJ has worked with Brandix, EAP Holdings, The American Centre and Sri Lankan Cricket Legend Aravinda De Silva. The videos below will give two glimpses into his unique presentation style.

Meet AJ Kulatunga

AJ Kulatunga Business Motivation LeadershipAustralian born Sri Lankan, AJ Kulatunga, is an inspirational business advisor and the Director of BLKMGK (Black Magic). When he was 7 years old, he started a neighbourhood newspaper; at 14 he started a website development business; and at 23, AJ ran away from a bad boss to start his own IT Consulting Firm.

As a result of his Entrepreneurial achievements, AJ was named the Young Achiever of the Year in 2008.

AJ has post graduate qualifications from Monash University and over 20 years experience in business and technology. He has consulted to companies such as Microsoft, HP and Fujitsu; and also helped cricket legend Aravinda DeSilva and his Under 19 squad, win a championship trophy in Australia.

Appearing frequently in CEO Magazine, AJ teaches people how to think like Entrepreneurs to conquer challenges and create opportunities in business and in life.

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