Corporate Champion

AJ Kulatunga Corporate Champion

Why Corporate Champion?

Want to know how to triple the return on investment of your conference sponsorships?

You can have the best product, service or event in the world but unless others believe that in exactly the same way you do, your success will be severely limited.

Sure you can pump time, money and energy into sales and marketing programs in order to increase the belief of others but at the end of the day as a corporate organisation you’ll just be screaming your messages on deaf ears.

You need a new approach to succeed in today’s reputation and relationship economy. The way forward in the new social economy is to have a Corporate Champion to act as an ambassador, a hero in the minds of your market, helping people experience your products, services or events.


Leonardo DiCaprio, Brand Ambassador for TAG Heur

Big brands hire celebrities to do this for them, relying on the power of their social networks to endorse products and services associated with their image. The problem with this approach is getting a sustainable return on investment over a period of time as celebrities are only short term and “rent” their fans out to the people who hire them.

A Corporate Champion on the other hand acts as an evangelist and represents a real life hero in the minds of your consumers, driving your messages forward as a real person. They become the celebrities within your existing target market.

A successful Corporate Champion uses their skills as speakers and connectors to leverage online and offline platforms to act as brand ambassadors for your company. This is a much more powerful and strategic approach than celebrity endorsements.

Motorola (now Google) recognised the power of Corporate Champions and hired former Apple Chief Evangelist, Guy Kawasaki, to advise their team and become the champion of their new MotoX program.

If you want to triple the value of your conference sponsorships then you need a Corporate Champion.

Guy Kawasaki the "celebrity" amongst MotoX fans.

Guy Kawasaki the “celebrity” amongst MotoX fans.


AJ is the perfect Corporate Champion for your products, services or events as his energy and enthusiasm are unmatched. He knows how to position your organisation in such a way that your market can instantly connect with you through his ideas.

You can hire AJ to keynote the conference and then spend time at your booth engaging the audience as well as keep the buzz going through his social media platforms before, during and well after the conference, keeping your brand in front of your target market well beyond the event.

To work with AJ as a corporate ambassador for your organisation, project or conference emailĀ hero[at]