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Event Case Study: AHRI

The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) were looking for a keynote speaker for their state conference “What’s Next for the Future of HR?” and AJ came highly recommended by one of their members.

Challenge: Selecting the Right Speaker

It’s always hard to wade through tonnes of profiles and select the right speaker for your event. To make life easier for AHRI Event Organisers, AJ scheduled a phone call with the local chapter president to find out their goals for the conference and what were some of the high priority challenges for members.

From there, a detailed brief was prepared addressing how AJ’s work on innovation and creativity could support the theme and take members’ thinking to new levels. The committee was impressed by the level of detail in connecting the presentation to the theme and AJ was selected to be the closing keynote speaker.

Challenge: Will the Presentation Be Relevant?

A key concern for event managers is wondering if the content of the speaker is relevant to the audience. AJ addresses this by leveraging his background in business strategy to gain a wider understanding of the organisation’s key issues, goals and challenges.

In this case AJ interviewed members of the committee to gain a wider understanding of what’s happening in their industry.

He also made a 240km round trip to sit down in person with AHRI’s CEO for an interview to gain a wider understanding of the organisation’s big picture priorities.

AJ used these insights to customise his presentation and also produce a conference promo video to boost local ticket sales.

The customisation of this Keynote took approximately 81.5 hours to complete.

Challenge: What Will the Experience Be Like On the Day?

As a specialist in delivering closing Keynotes, AJ helps attendees reflect upon their learnings of the day and gives them a way to implement their best takeaways when they go back to work.

On the day, AJ took notes from all the presentations to include in his Keynote and judging by the feedback received, it really hit the mark with attendees and clients.

Unlike other speakers who might have to rush off for future commitments, your investment ensures AJ spends time with your audience and stakeholders. In this case at the end of the conference a few members wanted to ask clarifying questions and take a few selfies.

Challenge: How Do We Maintain Energy After the Event?

One of the biggest struggles for event organisers is maintaining momentum after a conference. AJ’s keynotes are designed to be memorable long after an event.

To boost this effect, AJ released an article that included the key points mentioned in his presentation. This helped the audience keep the wonderful experience of the conference top of mind long after the event.

As you can see, working with AJ is a true partnership as he goes above and beyond to ensure your event is a resounding success with attendees, sponsors and stakeholders.

If you would like a similar experience book AJ for your next event! 

WOW! What an incredible energy AJ has! We had the pleasure of having AJ be our closing keynote speaker at a state HR conference. AJ was attentive, enthusiastic and energetic in his preparation and delivery. The feedback on his session was outstanding! I would highly recommend AJ for speaking engagements or consulting work.

Anita Carver MAHRI

AHRI NT Secretary

Challenging, thought provoking, inspiring. If you want to be inspirationally challenged – AJ is dynamic and comforting all at the same time. He helps us to formulate the reason why we have to disrupt and question the standards so that we can evolve and grow stronger.

Tina Da Silva-Cruz

Director, Konnekto (Attendee)

Conference Promo Video

Presentation Highlights

AJ with Anita Carver – State Secretary and Renee Alexander – State President (The Clients)

AJ with Julia Whitford – AHRI COO & Sarah Mccann-Bartlett – AHRI CEO

AJ with audience members – Annette, Tina and Doug

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