We live in a world where the rapid advancement of technology and change in consumer behaviour presents an incredible opportunity to engage in a new era of business. But how quickly can your organisation move to take advantage of it?

45 min keynote presentation. Innovation, Problem Solving and Entrepreneurial Thinking. In this high-energy presentation, Unconventional Entrepreneur AJ Kulatunga explores how some of the world’s most successful companies have improved their speed to capture opportunity by implementing best practices in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship to transform and thrive during disruptive change.


With entertaining stories, simple frameworks and useful insights from organisations like Nokia, Tesla and the Department of Health and Human Services, this presentation is a MUST for organisations looking to equip their people with skills to navigate the pressures of rapid change in 2020.

Use this presentation* at internal meetings and conferences to inspire your people to unlock new ideas or at client events to add strategic value to important relationships.

Gain clarity & confidence when dealing with disruptive change.


    * During discussions, AJ will customise key messages to address your specific challenges


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